Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thing #23

The example I saw that Learning 2.0 for teachers blog is based on someone else's work is that we have to take a little from each website to finish our assignment.Now that I about this law as a teacher I will watch what I take and use from the internet, but will also look for opportunites to collaborate my ideas with others.

thing #22

Teacher resources

The three titles for my binders were Teacher resources, classroom conduct, and teacher's of today. You can use livebinders in your classroom for multiple things such as lesson plans, teaching ideas, or just simply stuff you found interesting you want to use again. Livebinders can be very helpful to teachers because you can simply get on the internet and go back to what you were doing instead of lugging around a book bag full of lesson plans and activities.

Thing #21

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Using Animoto was very simple and user friendly. I think the website is put together very well and can be operated even by people who aren't computer friendly. This website is something I will use in my future for fun and in my profession.

Thing # 20

Youtube is a very useful website that can help in almost any situation or job. Youtube allows people to not only hear, but also to see what they are watching too. You can find a video about almost anything on youtube. This allows information to be easily found for teachers in their work enviroment. If videos were added to anything on the internet it would make it easier for people to understand because when people see how things work, they tend to understand them better.

Thing # 19

While having to do this exercise, I became a member of Teacher Pop. I had no clue about this website prior to this assignment. I found it to be very useful and I will definitely use it more in the future. It is a good way for teachers to be able to communicate and share ideas. It is a very beneficial website and I believe that any future teacher should join Teacher Pop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thing #18

It is very benificial for teachers to know how social networking works. Social networking definitely has its problems , for example bullying, but alot of good can come from it, too. I have both a Facebook and a Twitter so I am not new to either of them. However, finding out how many teaching tools are on each website has been very interesting and helpful. I do not see any problems with either website, other than the fact that children are more easily bullie through them. I thought Facebook had the most useful features just because its easier to communicate and you have a lot of people on the Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thing #17

When I went on Delicious, I saw a lot of websites highlighted that we had already talked about in class. I saw BrainPop, Wikispaces, and many more that I had seen in class that I found very helpful. It was a good website for those who have a lot of websites that they like to refer back to. I was glad that I got make an account for this 23 things assignment because it is a good tool for a teacher to have and will be using it to make finding websites, that I want to show my students, easier.