Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thing #6

     The site I used from the Web 2.0 list was Flickr. Flickr is a site that allows you to upload your photography and it also lets you upload HD videos. I really liked this website alot because it is so interesting. I liked the site because, for one, it is a good way to get your photography looked at, if you are in that bussiness. It said that over 5 million people use this tool so just imagine how many people look at your pictures. Another thing that I liked was it has a blog portion also. The reason I liked this so much is because now that I have learned alot about blogging, I really think it is a good tool that every website should take advantage of. This website has a lot of storage that allows the user to put many photos up. You can even get more storage than normal if you pay $2.00 a month. That is not bad at all, especially if photography is your job. This website is easy to navigate and easy to sign into. It also has an app for the iPhone, which is very convinient! At the bottom of the home page it has the worlds most interesting photos. It was really cool to go through and look at all of them. The thing that I liked the most about this website was that it had privacy settings, so you can choose who gets to look at your photos. There was one thing that I didn't really like about it was that the videos can only be a minute long. That, to me, was the only down fall about the site. I really think it would be a good tool for the school library to look into. It would be a cool way for students to do projects and it would especially be a helpful website for anyone taking any kind of photography class. The students could upload there photos on the class onto to a Flickr account and they could all look at each others work, not just the teacher. It is a really usefull website and so interesting! I can't wait to get one and I would recommend it to anyone!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thing #5

One of the articles I read was Web 2.0: A Guide for Educators. I thought this article said everything well. One thing that I really liked that it said was that the internet has gone from "passive to active". I never really thought of it that way but that is a great way to put it. Instead of giving you a fixed amount of information, the internet is now ASKING you to write your oppion about the information. It said that the websites like Facebook and Twitter, etc. are becoming second nature to kids, so it only makes sense that we would have kids learn some information on these social networks. It also talked about how flexible typing is instead of writting.

To me, School 2.0 means, not neccisarily having an all online school, but just including online activities like blogging, discussion boards and all of these other things into the cirriculum, and maybe even adding cirriculum online.

In the future, I believe that students will be even more technologically advanced than they are now, and maybe all of their cirriculum will be online. For example, each student could be issued an iPad to do their work on instead of writting it down with pencil and paper.

Thing #4

Now that I think about it, commenting on someone elses blog is a good thing. It is a little positive reinforcement and lets the blogger know that someone is actually reading his/her blog. If people never posted comments to others blogs, then I don't think blogging would be as big as it is now. People aren't going to keep blogging if they think no one even looks at what they post. It just gives the blogger confidence to keep doing what they're doing when they know someone cares.

Another point I think is also, a good thing is replying back if someone comments on your blog. If people see that you actually take time out of your day just to let them know you see what they are saying, they will want to come back and read your blog again. They will know that their oppions are being heard and not just over looked. I think it is great to point out that it works both ways. Commenting is also a way to draw attention to your own blog. If people like what you have to say about someone elses blog they might even want to follow your blog.

The 5 blogs I chose out of our group were Jasmine Richardson, Rebecca Sloffer, Erin Beifuss, Kayla Satterly, and Lenora Clark. I chose these blogs to comment on because when I read them, I basically agreed with everything they said. They were all very interesting and fun to read.
The two outside blogs that I chose to comment on were "101 cookbooks" and "Racked"
I chose these because I am always interested in food and fashion. The "101 cookbooks" had so many great reciepes! I can't wait to go on there again and look up more! The "Racked" blog was very interesting because it had all the newest fashion trends and the latest news in the fashion world.

It is always easy to speak your mind about something your passionate about so I found myself just typing and typing and not even knowing I had said so much! It's great to be able to speak your oppion about the things you like to talk about.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thing #3

Creating this blog is going to help me out tremendously. If I have problems understanding something in class, then I can refer back to other studentst blog and see what they did. Also, it lets you express your own oppinion and I like that you can have discussions with other students by responding to their blog. So far this blog has been a good expirience and I cannot wait to use it more in the future.

Thing #2

When posint my display name I picked Ms. Littleton, because it didn't show my full name but it still had my last name in it.

When I was creating my blog, it took me a while because I am not really good with computers. However, once I got going and followed all of the steps it was very simple and easy to do. It made me feel like I was actually learning something about computers, which is a good thing because I need to learn all I can about them!

I thought creating my avatar was the funnest part. It doesn't look like me completely, but it will do. It resembles my personality because I always love to wear bright colors and my hair looks almost the same.

Thing #1

When I listened to 7 1/2 things I noticed that I have most of these habbits, but some are harder to use in the class room than others. The easiest habbit out of the seven and a half would probably be creating my own "learning tool box". The best way for me to learn is to get my own routine and methods down for each subject that help me rememeber the material. The hardest habbit for me to use is having confidence in my self when it comes to answering questions and taking tests. I am always second guessing my answeres which is a really bad habbit of mine. Most of the time my answers are right, but it would just be less stressful for me if I had more confidence in myself.