Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thing #16

i choose the igoogle home page because it was the simplest to use and i also use google as my homepage. This homepage i customized to fit what i look at the most like a calendar, weather,and youtube videos. This homepage can be very helpful because it has everything on one page instead of having to navigate on to other pages to find information you normally look for. Online calendars can be useful because the School systems are trying to get away from using written out lesson plans and are trying to go to more computer based lesson plans in which you fill out in a calendar. A calendar could be helpful to see what lesson plans you have on what day and what activities you have planned for that day. A to do list can be used just as the calendar except you can use it to mark off what you have gotten done and see what you still have to do. You can use to do lists in the classroom to see what students have accomplished as class goals. The calendar i found to be the most useful tool for teachers because you can write down your schedule for each day and teachers could use it better because then you would eliminate forgetting your lesson planner at home.

Thing #15

I found Wiki to be very interesting because with technology becoming more and more involved with each generation entering the workfield it could be a very useful tool in almost any job field. In the education field, teachers and students could use. Teachers could use it for ways to teach or to simply talk about simple problems they are facing. Students could use it to help other students that are struggling with homework or could use it for a group type project. I found wiki interesting because you can go in and edit anything about the blog and make changes as things occur, so nothing is set in stone. You can use this everyday and update it as needed.

Thing #14

I chose the mind map as my tool. The mind map was easier for me to understand and use because i like to write all my thoughts down before starting on something. The mind map is similar to brain storming ideas before you write a paper. I would use mind maps in all different types of scenarios in the classroom setting. was a great website to help make a mind map. The flow chart seemed harder to use because not all things are going to have a sequence order of events.

Thing 13

Students could use Google Docs to work in a group type setting, by this they could individually work on certain part of the project and post what they have done. Each group member could then see what they have done and put their work together to make the project. I prefer the Google Docs site because it seemed more user friendly for people of all ages. It took too much signing in and passwords to use Zoho. Google allows you to use their Google Docs site after you created an account with The Google Docs site also was almost like using Microsoft Word so it was a easier to use than Zoho. Students in my opinion would find Google Docs easier to use because most everyone is fimilar with using Google as a search engine.

Thing #12

Thing 12 really opened me up to a lot of resources that I did not even know existed! These tools are so helpful and each one of them could be very useful in the classroom. The one that I liked the most was the translater. I thought it was good because it could be used to help teach and communicate with an ELL student.  I also liked the calander. It is a good tool to help you  keep organized and you can make a calander for your students easily with this resource. It was very helpful I thought.

Thing #11

The method that I found the easiest was Google blog searcher. I believe the reason I found it so easy is because, for one, I use google very often and I know how to navigate it. I also brought up very many results and all you have to do is type in a key word. The most confusing of the sites was the Technorati. It was pretty hard to navigate at first, but once you get used to it it becomes easier. I did not really know how to search the topics at first. The most useful site that I found, for myself being an education major, was Edublog. It basically showed all of the best blogs for teachers and education major. Each site was a very helpful way to find blogs, but my favorites were the google blog search and Edublog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thing #10

RRS was a really awesome website. I had no clue about this website before but I will defineitly be using this alot. The thing I like most about RRS was how easy it is to navigate and how easy it is to make an account. It took about two minutes for me to figure everything out and get my five blogs subscribed. This will be helpful for school because it is a way to save websites that I may need to reference to later; all you have to do is log into your account and you can go right to that website. RRS is a really good way to keep teachers organized especially with all the websites and blogs that teachers access these days. I will have to use this when I am a teacher because I tend to be a little unorganized at times. I can't wait to use RRS more!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thing #9

I picked this picture because, first off, I love John Lennon. Second off, I absolutely love this quote. It shows how wonderful the mind of a child can be and how their out look on life is so positive. I also really love how it switches back and forth and the hearts change colors. This is just a really great creation.

I made this one on the Happy Face Generator. I really liked this website because it had a lot of different smileys that you could pick from. I picked this quote because I truly believe that a smile is contagious! I will definetily be using this quote in my classroom.

These websites will be really good for me when I get my own classroom. They will be good for power points and other things that need graphics.These are just a little bit of fun to add to the classroom!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thing #7

I thought flickr was a really good website. I had already browsed it for thing 5 or thing 6, I believe, I can't remember which one. I think it is a fairly easy website to navigate and use. I went to the tagged topics and looked up, Autmn. I wanted to find a picture from this section because it is my favorite season. I enjoyed getting to look at all of the other frequently tagged topics also, like christmas, the beach, etc. There were some really awesome pictures on this site and I really do enjoy browsing through all the pictures. For some reason the site will not let me post the picture on here so below is the link to the picture.

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