Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thing #16

i choose the igoogle home page because it was the simplest to use and i also use google as my homepage. This homepage i customized to fit what i look at the most like a calendar, weather,and youtube videos. This homepage can be very helpful because it has everything on one page instead of having to navigate on to other pages to find information you normally look for. Online calendars can be useful because the School systems are trying to get away from using written out lesson plans and are trying to go to more computer based lesson plans in which you fill out in a calendar. A calendar could be helpful to see what lesson plans you have on what day and what activities you have planned for that day. A to do list can be used just as the calendar except you can use it to mark off what you have gotten done and see what you still have to do. You can use to do lists in the classroom to see what students have accomplished as class goals. The calendar i found to be the most useful tool for teachers because you can write down your schedule for each day and teachers could use it better because then you would eliminate forgetting your lesson planner at home.

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